Blox Angeles - a new open-world, faction based-roleplaying/shooter game

Blox Angeles is the next step in the “robanging” genre. It is an open-world game set in the city and surrounding neighborhoods of Los Angeles

I am an environmental artist/builder. Here’s a few screenshots of the map. All buildings are made by me, with props made by varying persons (as well as myself.)

There are interiors (not shown here.)

The map is based off of GTA 5, however, the game is not.

Buy beta-access here: 🌆ACCESS🌆 Blox Angeles - Roblox


Ammunition/Gun Store

Skyline from further away

The Bank

Factory Area

Down the Avenue

Basketball Courts

These images are not final and do not represent the full map.


having to charge people 1000 robuks for a beta test isn’t that great. Try lowering it or completely making the game free for testing. Although the game sounds promising! (Ye and the GFX doesn’t really make too much sense because the terrorists are just standing behinda boxed shape crime scene tape doing nothing so I (in my opinion) have the GFX as a police shootout or something.)


Access price is not set by me. I am just the builder/map designer.

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oh ok. Tell the head dev to lower the price because it’s just to high (most expensivr game on Roblox lol). :neutral_face:

You can just wait until it comes out. Beta releases are meant to be expensive so not many people can play.

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Don’t link the game if it cost robux, not cool.

1,000 is too expensive bruh, even bloxburg is more MORE cheaper.

I clearly put “buy beta access here” though

Yeah and? You’re asking for feedback, we can’t give good feedback without checking the game out, not cool making it 1k.

It’s not meant to be bought and checked out. I just put images and linked the game.

from your pictures and description, I can give some feedback on them.
Those are some awesome renders and that when you said it doesn’t represent the full map is surprising because it looks huge just based on those images.

Great job :+1:

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Here are some afternoon shots

There’s lots of different areas to explore - the construction site, the suburbs, industrial area, office district, :smiley:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s not too big but there’s a lot to see

The map looks pretty incredible. I must say though it is kind of annoying that I have to pay 1k robux to give feedback, but ignoring that the map looks great! Can’t wait for it to come out.

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The realism is immaculate!!!

The realism is good, I love how it’s not like a small city, it’s great!!

I love it!!!

Keep up the great work my fellow ROBLOXAINS!!!