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[001] - We are always looking for new group logos! Message youngbIooded (youngbiooded) on Roblox or on the dev forums to submit an entry. There is, however no guarantee that we will use your entry is our logo, so please don’t get mad if it’s not picked.
[002] - We are hiring badge counters! Message youngbIooded (youngbiooded) on Roblox or on the dev forums to learn more.


[001] - No advertising on the group wall, unless it is of your own badge game. That means no advertising of other badge groups as well.
More rules will be added later.


[001] - Pending/Muted - Someone who has either just joined the group or has been muted.
[002] - New Badger - A badger with 0-4999 badges.
[003] - Casual Badger - A badger with 5000-9999 badges.
[004] - Advanced Badger - A badger with 10,000-19,999 badges.
[005] - Pro Badger - A badger with 20,000-29,999 badges.
[006] - Elite Badger - A badger with 30,000-39,999 badges.
[007] - Legendary Badger - A badger with 40,000+ badges.
[008] - Honor/Honour Badger - The owner and co-owner’s friends.
[009] - Contributor - People who own badge walks that have 20+ FREE badges in them.
[010] - Badge Counter - People who count badges and rank people according to their badge count.
[011] - Administrator - People who make sure everybody is doing their job right,
monitors the group wall and shout for any inappropriate activity, and do QOTD.

[012] - Co-owner - The co-owner of the group.
[013] - Owner - The owner of the group.
[014] - Founder - The person who founded and created the group: youngbIooded (youngbiooded)

Shout Rules

  • These rules are for people, such as contributors and administrators, who use the group shout.


  • Can ONLY change the shout to advertise their own badge game.
  • The game that is being advertised MUST have 5+ new badges added since the last advertisement of said game.
  • Can change the group shout AS LONG AS it has been 6 HOURS since the shout was changed last (Excluding shouts made by administrators.)
  • Always include the QOTD in the shout!


  • Can change the shout to advertise a badge game (It doesn’t have to be their own), do QOTD, or advertise a group event.
  • If a game that is not a badge game is being advertised, it MUST be approved by the co-owner/owner (Preferably the owner, as they are more active and have messages on.) first. You can contact the owner via Roblox messages (Preferred) or Roblox Devforum messages.
  • Can change the group shout whenever, but preferably 6 hours since the shout was last changed.
  • Get to choose QOTD!


  • Format: [Information such as game advertisement or group event]. [MM/DD/YYYY] Is this a good question?
  • Example: “New ranks have been added to the group! [09/27/2020] What is your favorite color?”

[NOTICE] - This is a group that is focused in the U.S.A.! Our group timezone is EST/EDT. Please only change the QOTD after 12:00 A.M. EST/EDT!

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