Blox-Land Coffee Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to the Blox-Land Coffee official rules and guidelines!
This post will serve as a base for any guides created for Blox-Land Coffee.
They will be linked down below along with the rules and regulations that are followed when visiting
Blox-Land Coffee and are to be strictly followed by staff when working at our establishment.

Community Rules & Regulations

Listed below are the rules to be followed by everyone in the community when visiting Blox-Land Coffee.

1. Trolling is NOT tolerated within Blox-Land Coffee and doing so will result in a ban.

Types Of Trolling

This includes:

  • Spamming
  • Cap abuse
  • Troll ordering
  • Any other type of acts that would usually be considered trolling.

2. Creating or escalating drama within BLC is not allowed and will result in instant punishment.
3. Everybody within the community is expected to be respectful to anyone and everyone. Being rude to staff or deliberately disturbing and being rude to customers is not tolerated.
4. Advertising another group or any other external place is not allowed.

Staff Rules & Regulations

Listed below are the rules that are to be followed at ALL times when working at Blox-Land Coffee.

1. Grammar is to be used by staff at all times when working. Failure to use grammar will result in a warning.
2. Asking for promotions or hinting is not allowed and will result in a warning.
3. Maturity is to be shown at all times by staff. Immaturity will result in a warning before removal from your current rank.
4. Asking a higher rank if they would like a drink without them personally requesting it is not allowed. Doing this will result in a warning.
5. Spamming food or drink (abuse of the hand-to tool) is never acceptable and will result in instant removal from your staff role at Blox-Land Coffee.

Links to other guides regarding Blox-Land Coffee will be listed below:

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