Blox-Way | Rules and Guidelines

Blox-Way | Rules and Guidelines

General Rules

1. Be Respectful to Others - Please respect all Guests and staff.

2. No Spamming - Spamming is strictly not allowed.

3. Follow all of Roblox’s TOS - Please follow all Roblox rules and Terms of Service.

4. Do Not Troll - Being rude to staff and guests, spamming and general horseplay is not allowed here.

5. No Online Dating - Online Dating is not allowed as it is inappropriate and against Roblox’s TOS.

6. No Bypassing - Bypassing swear or rude words which are usually tagged out is not allowed.

7. No Advertising - Do not advertise anything, including your own game / group.

8. Don’t beg for ranks - Earn them!


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Written by: @Jo_MumOfficial

Posted by: @MM364796

Owner/Group Overseer: @ResU_Pool