Bloxburg Door building system?

Isn’t it as simple as using negative parts and unions?

30 charater…

Do there anyway to union it with Script?

Thanks, i will try it tomorow :grin:

I also faced this problem while working on Hoteltopia. Here’s a solution which is simple:

  • hide the wall section when there’s a door on it
  • add the wall to your door model
  • if your wall system allows you to apply textures and colours to your wall, you can also apply these to the wall parts in your door model when you create the door

It works without having to use unions, which is good because it’s guaranteed to work. Since unioning parts inside scripts does a web call internally, and because CSG doesn’t always work, using unions could lead to some awkward errors. Feel free to choose either way - try both if you like and see what works best for you!

I think you should use CSG for this, could someone correct me if this is wrong?

the CSG API, here’s a thread:

it allows you to union, negate in realtime.

But CSG only work for Server_Side, i need on Client_Side.

then you need to probably write a geometry module, which can negate holes into a wall.
like bloxburg does, they divide the main wall into 4 parts, and then removes 1, which leaves one, and resizes the left over space to fit with the door frame.


I not good at scripting much…

A single wall should be say 3 parts. The left of the door, the right of the door, and the top of the door. Then just change them back and forth.

If you want to learn how to script, you might want to check out this link.
It seems like you don’t know much about what you’re asking. I highly suggest checking out the link.


What you should do instead of using CSG is to replace the wall with another model that has a door with a wall in it like how @Elttob says. Then you would want to replace the wall instantly with the door model that includes to wall. Making it really easy to change it without the possibility of lag from CSG API and alots for more customization as well such as changing the wall textures or style.

I will do it, i think it more simple than Bloxburg Build System.

If you are looking for someone to give you a script; no one will do that. Since you don’t have much knowledge in programming; your better off hiring someone. Furthermore, this will require a lot of math and a advanced scripter.

Here is video.

Please try to attempt something yourself before posting here in the future.


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