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About Us

BloxDev Studio is a professional Studio that creates projects for Youtubers and other clients. We are currently creating our own games and are transitioning out of the commission world. We handle everything from Builders, Beta Testers, and Moderators. We are currently new but are always looking for ways to grow! We currently have 1.6k members unadvertised

The Team/vacant jobs

TheBloxDev - Head Developer/Builder
VACANT - Builder
VACANT - Builder
VACANT - Model Creator
Mr_Vgy - Scripter
robloxuser10923 - Scripter
ActiveMiner - Scripter
SoftGB - GFX
kesar1525 - Animator
VACANT - 3D Modeler
VACANT - Particle Creator

You can see our progress so far here:

About The Job

This Studio is looking for like-minded developers to work on our new games and commissions. We are currently Partnered with Youtubers including Pokediger and DylanTheHyper.

Build style

Our building style can go anywhere from “cartoon” to “realistic.”


You will be commissioned by how many assets you help create or create. Our preferred payment method Robux or USD depending on if we’re working for a client or not. We will require a signed NDA Contract that we will make upon you entering the studio

Contact Us

Discord: TheBloxDev#8157

You must be 13 years or older to apply.


How many hours do you expect the scripter to work per week? Or is it “will contact you when we need you” sort of job?


Depends on the project


Damn, You guys don’t need any builders…


We are looking for more builders, just because we have two doesn’t mean we don’t need some more. I should make that more clear


What are the sort of price range you’re looking for, in terms of building?


We are no longer hiring builders


What kind of scripting work would be involved, how much time would be expected?


I don’t have much experience in UI but if you need any more graphic designers who specialise around 2D cartoony art, I’m here.


Weapon scripter, unique, etc. Just drop me a DM


Hey there!

Sorry if I’m a bit late!

I would like to have a position as Builder if you have one!

You can DM me on DevForums if you want some previous work!

Thank you.


Darn I just noticed that I need to sign a contract for this, I can’t do that unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:


Sorry bud, ye a bit late for that. Builder went quite quick.


I’ve DMed you on Discord.


Under ‘Build style’ include compiled list of images showcasing it visually, cartoon and realistic are still subjective visuals.


No because, the style I want them to show me is their own. Everyone has different building styles, if I want something more in depth, I can ask them via Discord or Devforum…


I don’t want to sound rude when I say this, but I feel like you’re expanding on a very aggressive scale and are simply hiring developers for the sake of having a dev team.

I recommend expanding a bit smaller and hire devs when a project you’re working on calls for it.


This is more of a DM…I recommend posting something irrelevant to this post here. If you have any questoins about the job though, DM me! Also, two new spots are open




What kind of successes have you guys had?