Bloxia Corporation - Appeals Guide

Welcome to Bloxia Corporation

Getting banned from Bloxia games, or suspended from a Bloxia Job is unlikely if you behave.
If for whatever reason you manage to get yourself banned or suspended, this guide will tell you what to do.


First up, you need to head to the Appeals Centre.
Once you are there, select whatever option applies to you.

Secondly, you will need to enter your appeals code. These codes are required for you to appeal. To get an appeals code, contact a manager.
The message that the manager sends you should look like this:

Appeals Code: ABCDEF

(actual code varies considerably)

Next, enter the reason for your ban/suspension. If you don’t know it, contact a manager.
If suspended, select your rank area after this.

Finally, make sure you agree to the appeal terms. False appeals will actually get you banned longer.

Managers will read the appeal. If the appeals code doesn’t match, you won’t be unbanned or reinstated. If the reason doesn’t match, you won’t be unbanned or reinstated.

More info coming soon.

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