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:love_hotel: Welcome to the Bloxlodge Hotel’s Public Handbook
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At Bloxlodge, we guarantee you’ll not only be satisfied with services you’ve received, but also leave feeling refreshed from your stay. We offer various packages to ensure all our guests have the best stay guaranteed.

Ranking Information

If you have any questions regarding our ranks, please read below before contacting an SHR+.

2 | Suspended
This rank is for staff members who have gone against our rules and need a set time away from their rank.

H | Honourable Member
This rank is made for past HR’s+ who have resigned but still want to be part of our community, however it is not considered a staff rank.

3 | Trainee
This rank is for guests who have passed their interview/application and are waiting to be trained. You cannot work as a trainee.

4 | Housekeeping
As Housekeeping, you are required to assist guests and ensure the hotel in general is clean at all times. You will receive special tools which are listed in your training.

5 | Security
As Security, it is your job to make sure the hotel is safe from trollers, exploiters, etc at all times. Like Housekeeping, you will be given special tools which are listed in your training.

6 | Barista
If you’re a Barista, it’s your job to hand out snacks and drinks to guests at our café.

7 | Receptionist
As a Receptionist, it’s your job to check guests in and out of rooms, as well as answering any questions or concerns they may have.

All of our middle, high and senior high ranks are earned through hard-work and dedication. These ranks cannot be applied for or bought.

Training and Interview Information

If you have any questions regarding our Training and Interview sessions, please read below before contacting an SHR+.

Interview Information
At Bloxlodge Hotels, guests can either apply or attend an interview to get the rank ‘Trainee’. The difference between these will be listed below.

When visiting the application centre, you will be greeted with a small GUI explaining and going over how the application process will work. After this, a list of questions will be loaded and you will be asked to fill them in at the best of your ability. If you’d like to be independent we recommend you apply via our application centre.

At our interview centre, our SHR’s host interview sessions at scheduled times, these can be found on our Trello page which you can find via our Twitter. Once the session starts, the host will go over information which will include information which is crucial for you to know if you’d like to pass your interview. After this, you will be taken to an interviewers room where the main interview will take place. If you’d prefer to be able to ask questions to one of our HR’s+, we recommend you visit the interview centre to apply.

Training Information
At Bloxlodge Hotels, Trainees are required to attend a training session to start working at the hotel.

Like interviews, training sessions are also hosted by SHR’s+ at scheduled times. These can also be found on our Trello page. When attending a training session, the host will firstly start by going over rules which are crucial for you to know if you’d like to pass your training session. After this, everybody will be taken into the main training room and trainees will be asked to stand on a line depending on what rank they’d like to train for. The trainings will be started after helpers and trainees have been named and given their roles for the session.

Although only MR’s+ can help at interview sessions, all staff ranks are able to attend and help at training sessions. However, a guide is mandatory if you’d like to help train / interview guests. If you’re unsure of where to find this, it can be located on our communications server.

Promotion Tips

1) Activity
To be promoted, you must ensure you are continuously active within our community. Not only should you be active on our ROBLOX games, but you should also make sure you are also showing a consistent activity rate on our communications page and group wall.

2) Professionalism and Grammar
Showing you understand how to use proper grammar and maintain a professional personality whilst working for Bloxlodge Hotel is key if you’re interested in becoming a higher rank. Maintaining these standards at all times whilst at Bloxlodge shows that you have got the standards and qualities that are needed to become a middle rank.

3) Understanding of how to deal with problematic customers
To become a middle rank at Bloxlodge Hotels, you must show higher ranks that you understand how to deal with trolls at the hotel. It will be your job as a middle rank+ to make sure everything is running smoothly at the hotel and you will need to fully understand how this works, if you ever have any questions regarding this topic you can ask a higher rank and they will give you the information you are required to know.

If you have any questions that have not been answered in our handbook, do not hesitate to message one of our SHR’s+ on our communication server or leave a comment on our group wall. We will try to reply as soon as possible!

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