BloxngDOTdrive man info

BloxngDOTdrive system is a bi system containing GUI leader stat scripts but no saving of leader stats

Places can be created by players that know how to dev they would have to purchice a place slot to add there own place but place spots depend on how big the place is for a small map the size of a baseplate is very cheap a place that is bigger than that is very expensive and places have a max size before there are performance problems blox.ui and blox chat systems will be installed and you cant touch this any blox.ui that is altered will make us close down your place if the place teloports you to a different place that is not a bloxngDOTdrive place would Renault in your game place being “removed from game” forever

ban affence on exploitation
Exploiting is a perm ban affence because its hacking into the game and it could brake the game for others and it just makes the game unplayable also if you own a place putting yourself on head admin is also a banable affence so please only let the devs mess with the admin commands

rules of the game
This one is very important you must follow the roblox terms of service
And these in game rules
No constantly complaining of lag
No constantly banging into other players with your car

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