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Bloxton University

Educating, Succeeding, Mentoring.

Bloxton University is a modern-type University within this era of technology on roblox. We are working together to accomplish a vast and robust University for the Roblox Community.

(1) Must have progressive experience in education (K-12) or higher education.
(2) Must have extensive knowledge of Google & Microsoft Office 365 products. Including but not limited to: GOOGLE (Docs, Sheets, GMail, Meet, Slides, etc.) OFFICE (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Teams, etc.
(3) The ability to be active in a start-up organization.
(4) The ability to contribute new ideas to focus on the stability of the institution.
(5) The ability to use proper grammar (spelling, punctuation, and capitalization).
(6) The ability to serve in a team environment.
(7) The ability to work independently with little to no supervision.

Open Positions:

  • Executive Vice President
    - Direct-subordinate to the President of Bloxton University. You will work with the President, along with direct decisions to the Senior Vice Presidents from the Executive President.

  • Senior Vice President, Financial Affairs
    - Apart of the Office of Administration, you will regulate Financial Plans for Bloxton, including endowment funds and pooled funds. You will also plan events for Bloxton Donors, manage the Bloxton Giving Program, and regulate all bloxton products.
    - Additional Experience with Finances preferred.

  • Senior Vice President, Enrollment Affairs
    - Apart of the Office of Administration, you will regulate the Enrollment Process of Bloxton University. You will read over Enrollment Applications, and you will rank the Students (varying).
    - Above-average utilization skills preferred.


If you’re interested in any of these positions, please email me with your resumé, and the position you are applying for as the subject. Please be sure to include your username and discord username and tag in the email.


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