BloxVurse | Game Designer / Builder / 3D Modeler [Outdated]

Updated Portfolio with commission:

If you’re wondering a type of price range for something like this I was paid R$100,000 to create this entire thing.


That’s a lot of low poly assets, I’m very impressed. If I was hiring for a front page game, I’d definitely give you a look! How much of your stuff is typically modelled in Blender, and how much is built?

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Thanks a lot ^^, To answer your question. Most of the assets are made in blender, I think just like the floor parts and the bridges are made in studio.


probs gonna buy a few assets from u.

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Sure just hit me up on discord


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Available again if anyone is interested in hiring!

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Hello, I am very interested in your modeling. I need a modeler for my smoothie parlor. I’m look for smoothie machines, actual smoothies, and cups. I have 2K to offer but prices can be negotiated.

Update: (Some images of my new project)



Some more assets! :slight_smile:


I sent a friend request on discord! I’m rosscko

Hey! i just sent a friend request! really interested in hiring you, my user is rosscko

Do you know how to texture models/ meshes??

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I do but I don’t have much experience in it and don’t feel confident enough to offer that type of work until I get more used to it atleast.

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I am available again for short commissions preferably paypal payment however I will accept robux.

Here are some more commissions I completed:

Jailbreak type city:

Medieval Town:

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Added you, so we can talk in dms

Closed for a while! Still contact me if you are interested in a commission in the near future though I will make sure you take priority!


Sent you a friend request - jx#0001. Look forward to our chat!

Hello, I currently need my map expanded, we uses terrain and our terrain builder is currently inactive for personal reason. It’ll be grateful if you can help us, added you. Froredion#2361

Added you on Discord, IAmSomeone#1571.