Bloxx Bowl 26 Wraps Up A Bad Season, A Break-Down Of The Game, And What's Up Next!

On June 5th 2022, The Green Bay Packers Defeated The Buffalo Bills 16-7 To Win Bloxx Bowl 26. It Was An Epic Back And Forth Game On Defense That Saw Many Big Plays, Big Trash Talk, And Eventually A Big Win For The Packers, As They Now Win Their 3rd Championship In Franchise History. Now Winning 2 Titles In 2020, And 1 In 2022.

Packers Win It All!

The Green Bay Packers Were Considered The Top Of The NFC Heading Into This Season. They Were 4-2 The Season Before, And Had Some Exciting New Weapons That Were Added To The Offense In Free Agency, And The Draft. But They Took A Couple Of Beatings Early In The Season, Struggled To Bring Together A Defense, And Had Some Players Quit Before The Season Even Finished. But They Still Had Their Stuff Together Unlike Their Neighboring NFC Foes. Because The Other 3 Teams In The Division Finished With A Pathetic 1-4-1 Record. A Complete Disgrace. It Will Go Down As The Worst Divisional Finish In CFL History. This Is The First Time In CFL History, That A Team’s Division Was So Bad, That They Were Allowed To Instantly Move Onto The Bloxx Bowl. So You Could Say The Packers Got Lucky. You Would Think That Luck Ran Out Knowing That They Were About To Face The Buffalo Bills. An Electric Team With A Stacked Roster All Across The Board. Featuring This Past Season’s MVP, Offensive Player Of The Season Award Winner, And Best Teammate Award Winner. Top It All Off With Their Offense Leading The League, Good Leadership, Playing In A Tougher Division, And You Have A Recipe For A Complete Blowout. But The Packers Brung The Smoke. The Only Thing The Bills Were Going To Blow Out Is Their Patience. The Game Started Off With Trashy Offenses, And Mediocre Defense. But As The Game Traveled Thru The Quarters, Each Team Eventually Settled In, And Made More Plays On Offense. The Game Picked Up, And It Became Exciting. Big Plays Left And Right, As Well As Temper Tantrums Up And Down The Field. The Packers Scored Early, Then Got Another TD, Got The Game Changing Safety, And Played Awesome Defense To Close Out The Game. Their QB, MonkeyFunny, Has Now Won His First Bloxx Bowl. After Being Here For More Than A Year, Always Showing Up To His Games, Having a Positive Attitude, And Leading This Mediocre Team To The Bloxx Bowl And Win It, You Can Say It Was Well Deserved. The Packers Once Again Stand On Top Of The CFL Mountains. Looking Proudly At Their Team’s Previous Title Winners, But Now, Their Names, Jersey Numbers, And Stats, Are Now Immortal Relics In The CFL World. Thank You Every Team In The CFL For Your Contributions To Make This A Digestible Season, Congratulations To The Buffalo Bills For Their Hard Work This Season, And Congratulations To The Green Bay Packers For Winning Yet Another Bloxx Bowl Trophy. Another One Added To A Phenomenal Franchise.

What’s Next?

CFL Took A Nose Dive In Popularity, Production, Ratings, And The Amount Of Active Players. There Were So Many Forfeits, Canceled Games, And Players Quitting, That It Resembled The Epic Collapse The Group Had In January Of 2021. There Were Still Many Players That Stayed Mature, Did What They Were Asked To Do, Show Up To Their Games, Play Good Football, And Stay On Top Of Things In The Very Fast-Paced Group That Is CFL. But Not Enough Of Those Players Were Here. Actually, When You Think About It Though, There Never Will Be Enough Of Those Players Here. Unfortunately, CFL Was A Train Wreck, And When You Have Situations Like These, Where Everything Is Terrible, Nobody Is Showing Up, Everybody Is Burnt Out, And The Stadiums Are Collecting Dust Every Second, The Best Thing You Can Do Is Close. That’s What CFL Will Be Doing After Bloxx Bowl 26. Which Is When Your Most Likely Reading This. This Spring Was Very Eventful. Filled With Memories That Will Last Us A Lifetime. But As CFL Closes, We Need To Keep Those Memories, And At The Same Time Move On. We’ll Be Re-Starting Our Boxing Group. Which Originally Closed Down In 2019, And Will Be Opening Up Again After The Season. CFL Is Not Permanently Closing, And It Will Eventually Return But There’s No Timetable For Anything. Your Welcomed To Join The Boxing Group, As It’s Completely Optional. If You Aren’t Joining, Than Good Luck To You And Your Future Adventures, And Have A Good Life! Thank You Everyone Once Again For A Nice Spring, And We Will See You Later. Goodbye!

Here Is A Link To The Boxing Group: [WCB] World Championship Boxing - Roblox