Bloxy Bay: Healthcare Update (3/3/23)



Update Notes:

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day! :four_leaf_clover:
  • Added St. Patrick’s Day themed furniture and items.
  • Find all the hidden clovers to help the Leprechaun!!
  • Expanded most furniture sets.
  • Added Greek styled pillars.
  • Added “Bloxy Bay Hospital”.
  • Added a new flower.
  • Added an Ambulance, Roadster 4x4, Muddy PRO Pickup Truck & the Trail Blazer Model T.
  • Fixed some current in-game items.
  • Fixed the build mode description bug.
  • Reworked Time system.
  • Changed most in game sound effects.
  • Major animation changes.
  • Major bug fixes.

:four_leaf_clover: Enjoy The Update!


St. Patricks Day Items and Furniture

These limited items will stay on your plot after the event goes away but you will not be able to place them once they go away.

Hidden Coins Event

Find all of the hidden coins around the map before the little Leprechaun Gets mad at you! Beware!

Expanded All Furniture Sets!

Every Single Furniture Set has been expanded into more and improved versions! What’s your favorite set? Mine is the dark wood set :grinning:. Along with these expansions greek furniture has arrived for you to build with enjoy!

Healthcare Additions!

We have added a new location into bloxy bay known as the Bloxy Bay Hospital. We have also added healthcare and hospital items into build mode just in case you want to build a hospital or a healthcare office!

New Sound FX & Music

Keeping it fresh by adding new sounds and music to the game! What’s your favorite new one?

4 New Cars + New Car System
We have added FIVE new cars for you guys to drive including a pickup truck here quick previews of most of the new ones for you guys!


New Car System Image (Does not have the new cars in the image.)

We are testing out this system and we hope it works to keep it in game adding new cars often!


  • 99.9% Of our build mode items now work with placing and or coloring! Have an item that did not work? TRY AGAIN IT SHOULD BE FIXED!
  • Animation Changes Have also been made to things w/ animations