Bloxy Cafe© Nano Byte Services Inc. Submitting an Alliance Request


Greetings! Welcome to Bloxy Cafe© / Nano Byte Services ’s Alliance Guide. This guide will be a rundown on how your group can be allied with us. This will cover the basic requirements of being an ally, and the things we expect from it. Now, let’s continue!


Bloxy Cafe is always looking for new allies. We have created this guide so that groups willing to form an alliance with us know how to request one and what our requirements are. Note- This guide will be updated constantly to ensure that our requirements are up to date. Pre-existing alliances may not meet the requirements. Any alliances formed before this post will stay. If your group doesn’t completely meet the requirements provided, you may still submit an alliance request. The requirements may be altered at any time if we feel a group can ally with us. If a rule is marked. If it is marked with required, it means it is a must, no exceptions


  • Group has a Discord - Required
  • Staff act professional and group doesn’t have a bad reputation - Required
  • No swearing or any other inappropriate content NSFW Counts - Required
  • Group is active / not botted - Required
  • Group is able to maintain a healthy alliance - Required
  • The group is somewhat related to Bloxy Cafe
  • (No raid/troll groups, etc) - Required
  • The group must have 5000+ non botted members.

Application Information:

After contacting an alliance Officer about being an ally, please fill out these questions and send them to the alliance Officer you contacted. Also note: The application can take a few days for us to determine whether we should accept or not. These can be filled out & sent on discord.


Click here to view the questions

Group name:

Group link:

Group communications server link:


  • Why do you wish to form an alliance with Bloxy Cafe©?
  • Why should Bloxy Cafe© form an alliance with you?
  • How would either group benefit from you allying with us?
  • How is your group different from other groups?
  • Is your group active, professional, and have good staff?
  • Do you agree to have strong communications with us?
  • Name the two (or more) representatives that will be joining our communications serve

Alliance Termination:

We have the right to terminate your alliance at any given time if we feel the allied group doesn’t follow our requirements. If your alliance gets terminated, you are eligible to appeal to re-ally with Bloxy Cafe© .

Thank you for being interested in starting an alliance with us. We are looking forward to working with you in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to create a ticket on discord.