Bloxy* Hut I made

Somebody told me to make a pizza hut, so I did. Feedback appreciated.


It looks very cool, good job! However the black walls seem a little empty, I’d recommend adding more windows or greenery (bushes, flowers, vines ect.)

Keep up the amazing work


It looks amazing! The structure looks like a classical Pizza Hut restaurant, however, maybe make a drive thru on the other side of the pizza store, in the black part of the Pizza Store, next, maybe change your store name from “Pizza Hut” to “Bloxy Hut” to avoid being copyrighted for using a real business’ title or name.


Oh, the bloxy hut is probably a good idea. Thank you.

pretty cool. Its really unique for a build. But I would maybe change the name to avoid copyright.

Yeah I realized that because of what paul said, already changed it to Bloxy hut. Thanks

Oh, I’m sorry, I did not see that reply. Thanks for responding so nicely :slight_smile:

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