Bloxy Kart OST - 4 Seasons

Greetings! I am currently on break, and made 4 soundtracks for 1 map. 4 Seasons. I would like to know what you think of them.





When the player finishes a lap, the music will fade to the new season while the map is changing its season.

Let me know what can improve with these soundtracks!

Thanks in Advance!


I think this is the coolest map design idea I’ve ever read! The music is beautiful! I could listen to it all day. You really made it fit the seasons too, fall is my favorite season and my favorite version of the song.

Have you put it on the Bloxy Kart Youtube yet?

No, Bloxy Kart OST’s go onto the channel when the actual map releases.

Ohhhhhh ok! Well that makes sense!

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