Bloxy Kart v3.1.0 - Social Update


v3.1 - Social Update

  • Added Roblox’s Developer Modules

  • Added Twitter Codes, use N3WCHARACTERS for 500 P$!

  • Enabled support for Spacial Voice Chat, which will release soon

  • Added Time Trial Info, where you can view additional info about maps

  • Revamped Map: Small World

  • 5 new characters

  • And more!

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where Data may not save. This was because DataStore2 was used incorrectly.

  • Fixed a bug where lobby music may not play (sometimes)

  • Code improvements

  • Nerfed Levels

  • Rebranded Tiers to Stars

  • Nerfed Stars to be a lot harder to earn 3 stars

  • Minor UI Changes

  • New Time Trials end screen


v3.1.1 - Emergency Patch
  • Fixed a bug where DataMigrationService2-3 would not load
v3.1.2 - UI Fix / Tracking Removal
  • Fixed an issue where the Codes UI will not appear correctly
  • Removed HTTP Tracking
  • Fixed a bug where the game will not load due to Roblox’s recent server crash
  • Temporarily incremented Daily Rewards to be 1 week. This is so you can claim your daily reward due to the outage.
  • Added Build Number support. Hover over Build Number
  • Changes to Bloxy Kart Launcher
  • Various Bug Fixes inside of Lobby
  • Added Beta Opt-In feature
  • Fixed a bug with the beta opt-in button not working at all.
v3.1.7 - Snowy Update
  • Added snowy map tradition due to it snowing irl for LocalWE
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