Bloxy Kart v4.2 - Back to school event

School is less than a month away for most people, so the Bloxy Kart team wanted to help you end your summer in style.

New Map: Back To School

Back to School is a crazy new map where you race through halls:

The cafeteria, through a massive food fight:

And even other players:

Players go both in, and out of the school.

Your homework is to beat this map.

Back To School Event:

Unlike other limited events, you start out with a currency.

This currency is called homework.
Just like real homework, you do not want any.
Your homework is to beat Back To School.

When you finish all your homework, you get these prizes:

And yes, you will get more prizes in between, like:

There are a lot more characters, 1 for every homework that you do.

This update also adds some additional changes, including:

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Blaster Kart may appear broken

Now when does this update come out???

Wait, its already out!

Play now!

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