BloxyArcade - Affiliation Guide

BloxyArcade - Affiliation Guide

Greetings! BloxyArcade takes pleasure that you are interested in a partnership. This informative guide informs you of BloxyArcade’s affiliation standards. BloxyArcade seeks and selects a variety of groups that may both benefit each other mutually, whilst also conducting events such as visits/games.

Affiliation requirements:

Your group must at least obtain 200 non-botted members.
Your communications server must at least obtain 90 non-botted members.
Your group must regularly be active, with a functioning staff team.
Your group must have a good reputation and professional.
Your group must be able to benefit our group and in return, we will benefit yours.

Affiliation Application Questions:

[1] What is the link for your ROBLOX group?

[2] What is the link for your communications server?

[3] How will your group benefit BloxyArcade positively?

[4] How will BloxyArcade benefit your group positively?

[5] Who will be the representatives from your group?

[6] Does your group meet every single one of our requirements?


Once again, we deeply thank you for showing interest in forming a partnership with BloxyArcade. Once completing our application, please send this to a member of Public Relations on our communications server. After that, please wait 48 hours until we have made an executive decision. Once allying, you will be given our Alliance’s Code of Conduct.

Public Relations