BloxyFists | Programmer

Commissions are back open as of 12/26/2021


Hi my name is Darren, known as “BloxyFists” I’m 21, and started programming on Roblox in 2012. I strive to create clean, optimized frameworks for any project.


When contacting me it is always great to have a strong description of your project, what you need done, and how I will benefit you and your team. Without any of these key details, I’ll most likely look past your message as I get too many messages on a daily basis to respond to each and every one.

Also, here is a link to my deviantart gallery. Just note that I’m no longer accepting any graphic commissions: [BloxyFists - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt]


Updated Projects

Third Person Framework
Shooting Range | Third Person - Roblox

First Person Framework
Shooting Range - First Person - Roblox

Weapon Framework [ORIGINAL SOURCE] - Roblox

Lobby System Demo (Live Player Stats / Players in Universe)
LobbySystemUI - Roblox

In-Game Demo


Discord: BloxyFists#7954
Interested in contacting me? Address me formally.
My pricing for commissioning depends strongly on the task and work involved.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I’ve been a customer, developer, and friend of Bloxy for a while now and I can guarantee you that he is a determined person that produces high quality work! If you need anything scripted I’d recommend Bloxy.


His name is “WeaponFramework”, there’s nothing more to say.

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Always great to work with you Haz! Thanks for the support <3

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Bloxy is an amazing scripter and friend of mine, hire him!


Worked with this guy, he puts out great work :sunglasses:

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Hello Bloxy! I’m very interested in hiring you. I added you on Discord under the same username as here. I’m looking for someone to finish coding a game.

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Hello, BloxyFists, I am very interested, please message me at pyth#6737

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