Blue_KittyFtw - Experienced Developer

About Me

Hello. I am Paul, a 14 year old with experience in multiple categories, including building, modeling, VFX, and animation. I specialize in poly modeling, VFX, map building, prop modeling, and combat animations.


Here is my Portfolio:


During Quarantine/Weekends, I am available for up to 8 hours a day to do work, around 10 AM-10 PM EST. On weekdays, I am usually available for up to 3 hours a day, 3 PM-10 PM EST.


Prices are entirely negotiable. I accept payment for long term jobs, commissions, assets, and percentages. However, I only accept percentages if a backup payment is ready, incase I don’t get payment quite enough for the work I do. My preferred method of payment is either robux or paypal.


You can contact me through Discord. I may not respond, as I may be sleeping or AFK.

Thank you for reading.


Could you possibly link a game?

As of right now, most of the games that I work on are very WIP, closed community, or just straight up flop, so I can’t really give a link to a game. I will try and update my portfolio when I do, though.

I have worked with Paul for a while as a co-worker and a friend. Before we worked together, he was always a caring person who strived to succeed. He is a very talented and professional developer that quickly learns.and adapts. We never had problems together. He is very reliable and brings the best quality that I will ever need before the deadline.

Thanks Paul for an amazing experience.