Blurry Background Text

seen people make GUI’s with their main text will have a drop-shadow effect. I get you make a copy of the text and drop it down but its still to sharp and bold for my liking… how would I be able to export this font to be able to blur it In photoshop then import it back?
would I have to make the drop shadows a ‘Image-label after’? or is there an easier way.

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I don’t believe you should need to export anything, since Photoshop should have all of the fonts roblox has. Roblox uses very basic fonts, most, if not all of which are found in Photoshop already. Then you could just copy the .Text over. If you can’t find the font in Photoshop, you could probably borrow it from roblox’s client files.

The only way to import the blurred text back into roblox, would be to use a ImageLabel or ImageButton, since they are the only real way for displaying images in UI.

Another way of tackling this if this is using a SurfaceGUI (not sure if this works for other gui types), to create another identical SurfaceGUI, position the text where you want it for the shadow and color it as such, then lower the PixelsPerStud value in the properties of the SurfaceGUI (if you are using FixedSize or whatever its called then just divide both numbers by the same amount).

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