Boat for Mano county Fire and Rescue

What are your thoughts on my boat? That car is a free model for show.


i used to love playing mano when i was younger, to see this, and to see how good your build is would make the game way better in my opinion.

its awesome!


Seems to be a lot of “Mano County” duplicates lately, I fine it’s a bit weird to have so many but it’s none of my business for me to input on.

As for the boat, it’s alright. You could of modeled it though blender however and made it a mesh instead of having separated parts so you could avoid this


As for the size, could be a bit bigger, unless maybe the 2nd image is just showing a small scale of it, because it seems the 1st image, the boat is a normal size.

Keep it up.


Thanks in the Mano that I work at as an Admin we don’t use mesh. the boat is suppose to be small as a Swift Water Rescue Boat. It will hold a driver, two passengers and a patient


Ahh, gotcha.

I’m just saying that your life would be way easier with meshes, makes the game less laggy and it allows it to look a bit nicer compared to just slapping parts together.

I like the concept though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen boats within a Mano game, unless I’m just unfamiliar if they have a Coast Guard division or not, but looks decent either way.

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They don’t, I’m a Paramedic in Charge with the MCRS so I thought it would be cool to get one added as we get a lot of water rescues.

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Hi. It is a pretty good build, but over all if looks very rushed.
The seating is in very odd places and the meshes are not lining up
right… The stretcher also looks very out of place as it is just sitting there…

Its a back board. They would load the patient onto the backboard and strap him or her down. Can you explained how the seating is odd?

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It is just in a very odd place. The back board is just on a part. There is just a lack of detail.

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The boat is too nice and detailed for blocky mano county : )


They are getting taken down through DMCA notices from the original county (iKevinl) since he is the current founder of the original one which opened in 2016.


not are Mano. we are at over 100k.We use are own models and models that were given to us by NTG

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ntg stole models from the original mano founded in 2016. idk if ur confused about which mano is real but I think we shouldn’t discuss it anymore on dev forums as it’s off topic.

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Wow the only thing i would change is that the cylinders aren’t connected very well here is a tut that could help

Yeah I found a really good plugin that will help with it I might redo it soon

This looks really good. But,(not trying to be rude), why are you wasting your time in fake mano’s that have stolen from the real one. You can be a good fit for the real one. The fake ones anyways get taken down do why are you wasting you time?


Looks better than our current boats. He’d fit right at home here at Mano ngl

I mean, v3 gonna come out soon so you never know :eyes:


Yea uh we’ve been waiting for that for months if not years.

they releasing it 2021 summer.