Bobsniy | Scripter / UI / Graphics

About Me

I am bobsniy, a 17 year old boy looking to start his career on this fantastic platform, I am ready to offer my service as a scripter, ui designer and graphic designer



What i can script:
• Overhead GUI
• Keycard System
• Sliding Door
• Buy House
• System Messages
• Donation and Product
• Touch a Part for open UIs
• UIs button
• Close Button UI
• Health System
• Health Pad
• Currency System
• Daily Rewards System
• Faded Loading Screen
• Change Team GUI
• Obby Checkpoint
• Egg Hatching System

UI Designing


Graphic Designing

New_Project_12-1 New_Project_1-2


5+ hours all days


the prices will be conveniently agreed with the customer, obviously it must be a reasonable price, I am open to any offer.


Discord: Sythm#1504

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: