Body follows camera when item is equipped (for all players to see)

Hello! I need a script when a player equips an item his body follows the camera for all players to see!

Sure you only have to do this:

  • A local script in tool that triggers Equipped event
  • And change body cframe of the character or something on a RunService step based on the camera.CFrame

Hey! Thought I would tell you but the community here isn’t supposed to give people scripts; The DevForum is something where you can learn to achieve it yourself.

Considering you want this to appear on the server and not the client you’ll need to use a Script, not a LocalScript. I say use Realisim by MaximumADHD, it will make the torso follow the camera on R6 and R15. Here’s a link: Realism — Make your games feel more immersive!