Body Gyro issue

Hello, I’ve been making a homing missile and have it pretty much down. However, I can’t get the missile to look at the target correctly. I’m using rocket propulsion for the movement and body gyro for the rotation. The missile looks at the target, but it needs to rotate 90 degrees. Here’s my code:

local BG = M:WaitForChild(“BodyGyro”)
while true do
BG.CFrame =,THRP.Position) * CFrame.Angles(0,math.rad(90),0)

No matter what angle I use in the CFrame.Angles it doesn’t rotate any differently.

Any help would be great.

Make sure that you are setting the BodyGyro’s power and other settings high enough so that it can rotate. Maybe try setting the BodyGyro.P and see if that makes any difference?


I have it set high enough and the body gyro works but I need it to rotate 90 degrees but adding CFrame.Angles doesn’t seem to work.