BodyGyro issue, trying to make part move

So this is my code so far, my issue I’m having is that I basically will assign the ‘pos’ argument as 10 studs in front of the players facing direction. And it does move, but it doesn’t move fast, I’m trying to create a throwing simulation here. But it barely moves and kind of slow at that rate. Which properties do I need to tweak with position/gyro to make it faster? I’ve been experimenting for hours but no cigar.

function fire(part, pos)
	local bodyGyro ="BodyGyro")
	local bodyPosition ="BodyPosition")
	bodyGyro.Parent = part
	bodyPosition.Parent = part
	bodyGyro.MaxTorque =, 40000000000, 400000000)
	bodyGyro.P = 1000
	bodyGyro.D = 1000
	bodyPosition.D = 1
	bodyPosition.MaxForce =, 40000000000, 40000000000)
	bodyPosition.P = 1
	bodyPosition.Position = pos 
	game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(bodyGyro, 2)
	game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(bodyPosition, 2)