BodyGyro messing with Airplane Rotation

So I have made and Airplane and have made it follow the mouse using a BodyGyro but I want to be able too make so when you press like Q and E it will start rotating on the Z Axis. The problem is, is that whatever thing I try to do the BodyGyro always messes with it for example:

Using BodyAngularVelocity

The bodygyro causes the BodyAngularVelocity to be completely ignored and its not like I can choose between one or the other

Changing the objects CFrame

I honestly have no idea what is happening here

I am not sure what I should try now so if anyone has any ideas please help.

I will comment again to refresh this post please tell me if you need to see my code or you need too have more details about what I am trying to do.

I recommend using AlignOrientation instead of BodyGyro due to the PrimaryAxisOnly property, this allows you point the plane in the correct direction while also allowing for rolling rotation in the Z axis hence you can use BodyAngularVelocity with it.

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Ok so I was able to figure out how too get AlignOrientation to work on my plane to make it move but whenever I use PrimaryAxisOnly the plane goes all over the place do I need to change something with the CFrame to get it to work normally