BodyPosition not moving part to the position set

I am trying to use a BodyPosition to move a part to position (0,0,0), but the part does not move to this position. Instead it moves to a different, slightly off position.

For example, if I set P = 10, D=10, with gravity = 196.2 on the workspace, the part moves to (0,-19.281,0) instead of (0,0,0).

Is there a way to make it move to the exact position specified on the BodyPosition? I’m not sure I fully grasp how BodyPositoin works, but I see no specific reference to gravity in the documentation for it, yet it seems to affect the position the part moves to.

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Increase MAXFORCE to like 100000000 or something. Then it should work

I have tried setting MaxForce to be very large, but it doesn’t seem to resolve the issue