Bodythrust isn't working at all

I’ve been struggling with bodythrust for a little while. Initially I tried vectorforce before I saw on a devforum post that vectorforce still couldn’t do some things that bodymovers could so I switched to bodythrust.

I’ve searched up why bodythrust isn’t working and tried their solutions, but I don’t know why it still doesn’t work
Heres my code for this segment, I’ve checked, the other code in other scripts leading up to this don’t have anything to do with the bodythrust and work properly, its just bodyforce not working for some reason, even if its very clearly in the player it doesn’t work.

The API on this says it needs to have BodyThrust.Location assigned to it for it to work, or apply its force at.

For example:

script.Parent.BodyThrust.Location = script.Parent.Position

On the VectorForce | Roblox Creator Documentation page there is an example place using VectorForce in many different ways.
You can check out how and where the VectorForce Properties are set to make the Part react.

Thanks it works now, but I have a question, can bodythrust move your character in a direction instead of just rotating it?

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I dont believe so, to keep same orientation use bodygyro.

Instead please use VectorForce as BodyGyro’s/Bodys are going to be deleted in the future since they are deprecated.

That is not what deprecated means. You’re not wrong that it’s wiser to use things that aren’t deprecated but saying deprecated objects will be deleted is misinformation. The worst that will happen is most likely that they don’t function correctly anymore and Roblox doesn’t consider it worth fixing, as they don’t give attention to things that are already deprecated.

Something like body movers are highly unlikely to be outright removed since they’ve been used in so many games and continue to be used despite being deprecated.

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ah. I was guessing as adservice went deprecated before it was removed. my appologize

That’s where VectorForce can help. It has a Property called ApplyAtCenterOfMass which gets rid of the rotational force applied by pushing at the center of mass, not the center of the object.
If you apply a BodyThrust at the center of your Character, but it isn’t the Center of Mass then the BodyThrust tries to rotate the Character.

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