BodyVelocity MaxForce seems to affect position even when no velocity is given

I have a BodyVelocity inside of a part. If I set the MaxForce on the Y axis to 100, there is a noticeable drop in fall speed. If I set it to something like 4000 or above (might work with lower numbers) it appears to hover, or if it does drop, it does such at a small rate. I created something using this glitch, but it’s a hacky way of doing it.

What I would normally expect to happen is if a MaxForce is set to ANYTHING, but the velocity isn’t, it shouldn’t cause the object to defy gravity/forces acting upon it.

This bug occurs 100% of the time the steps are followed.

The steps to reproduce the bug is to insert a part, insert a BodyVelocity into the part, set the Velocity of the part to,4000,0), and then run the game.

The bug happens in studio and the game. I am on a PC with Windows 10.

It is not level or game specific, but I will provide a place link and a place file.


Air Balloon - Roblox (game I found out about the bug while developing)

BodyVelocity MaxForce Hover - Roblox (example game)

BodyVelocityHover.rbxl (example game place file)


The green one has no BodyVelocity and falls, the blue one has a BodyVelocity, but with the MaxForce on the Y axis set to 0, and the red one has a BodyVelocity with a MaxForce on the Y axis set to 4000.

I cannot relate the bug to a specific release, as it just started happening when I made my project.

I don’t believe I have any extra information you may want to know.

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