Bomb Survival Feedback

Bomb Survival :bomb:

Hey guys, my @WaytoMuchSas and I would like some feedback on our game, Bomb Survival.

We have recently created a massive update, reworking the GUIs and even adding a new lobby, and we would love to hear your thoughts on it!

Drop a like and a favourite if you enjoyed, but most importantly, have a Bombtastic time!


The game is a great idea and I love what is in it so far, just a one problem I had

The UI is not sized correctly.

The bottom Coins and wins textlabels are very big and take up a lot of the screen.

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Well uh, lots of feedback.
When I joined the game I had no idea what was happening, the UI is all low-effort and messed up, and seems to be fast-paced without anyone knowing what is happening.
Ask yourself these questions:
Do my players know what is happening ingame when they join?
For example, let’s take in Arsenal.
You click deploy, thinking about the vivid thumbnail. You click a team, and you get deployed with a gun while hearing other gunshots. Oh. An fps.
Do my players get bored of the game? How good are the features to combat other games?
I “played” a couple rounds. Command - Q. My words exactly from my head: “I don’t get what is going on”
Make it easier to understand, remake the low-effort yes im using that phrase again tiny maps, and have a solid plan in your head. Nice idea though!

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How do I put this…

Shop UIs are a big ‘eh’,
I had no idea what was happening, I stood in one spot and somehow won?
There are two lobbys? Cause when I joined the game I was in one lobby, then next game I was in a different one? I don’t understand that.

To be honest, the gameplay is boring, it’s just avoiding bombs. If you want to make a game on the front page, it has to be interesting, competetive and unique.


How should we make the gameplay more exciting and fun? Any ideas?

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Bigger maps maybe, unlockable power ups, finding coins on the map or maybe hidden easter eggs.

A leveling up system and if you want a pet system. Those are my ideas to spice up the gameplay.

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