Bondi Rescue Roleplay Affiliate Information

Partnership Information & Application

On the behalf of the Public Relations Department, we are open to obtain alliances with different associations on the ROBLOX platform. We have a selection of procedures in place to successfully mandate a partnership. Before taking the partnership with Bondi Rescue Roleplay into consideration, please review our Partnership Requirements.

Partnership Requirements:

● We require that your group has at least 5,000 non-botted members.
● Your group must maintain a certain level of professionalism and maturity.
● No free-ranking, corruption, et cetera.
● No NSFW Discord channel.
● Your group has a flexible timetable, able to host frequent alliance visits and events.
● Selling ranks is permitted, although if your group has a history of scamming; you will be declined.


  1. What is the appellation of your association?
  2. Please provide a link to your ROBLOX group and Communications invite.
  3. Why are you interested in forming a partnership with Bondi Rescue Roleplay?
  4. How will your group benefit Bondi Rescue if this affiliate application was to be accepted?
  5. How many players on average are there in your game daily?
  6. What unique characteristics does your group possess which is dissimilar to other groups?
  7. In regards to your affiliate application status, which member of your High Ranking Team should I contact if this application was to be accepted?

If your association falls into all those categories, it is then statutory to answer the questions in a Google Document. It will take approximately 1 - 3 days for your results to be presented to you upon delivering the affiliate application.

The completed document should be sent to the Head or Assistant Head of Public Relations on our communications server.


:link: Bondi Rescue Roleplay - Roblox


:link: Bondi Rescue Roleplay

Approved and signed by the Bondi Rescue Roleplay Corporate Team,