[Bone Discovery Simulator] Scripter Needed

About Us

We are a new and upcoming roblox development group. We are in progress of a unique type of simulator.


We need a scripter who can assist and lead the game’s mechanics with our other scripter. You will need to know to use database, egg hatch systems, store system by GUI, sell, buy, zone buying for instance, you can buy the next zone in the game for “x” currencies. You will need to script portals, and almost every aspect of simulators. Pets will be scripted and be used to assist you get bones. The more zones you go, the harder the bones are to get. Get stronger pets.


We are willing to pay 30%, and if it flops, I have 1k robux in acc, and 2k pending via t shirt or gamepass.


Sorry for bad form, I wrote this in phone,

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