Bones Vs Hinge Constraints Vs Cframes: What is Better For Car Doors Open-Close and Car Driver Wheel rotation?

I have a car that is rigged, it means it can open and close doors with a bone attached to each Door, and Bone for the driving wheel to steer it left and right.

In order to make my car more performant in runtime, which one of these is the best option

  1. CFrame the bones. Using bone.WorldCFrame or bone.CFrame to Rotate the Door Bone?
  2. User HingeConstraint to rotate the door?
  3. Use normal CFrame on the Door Parts?
  4. Animate the doors and call an animation to open/close the door?

Which one will be best performant? please any good advice and explanation why, as i am still new and trying to learn how the engine works

Probably a normal CFrame animation. I consider CFrame to be fast and clean and I use it frequently for things like doors.