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About me
I’m calm guy. I like to work on short-term jobs like create model, translate this and other stuff that doesn’t take so long. But If I see potential in a project then I offer my skills and experiences for long-term work.



Work with values
If statements
Team Change UI
UserInputService (Getting It to perfection)
RemoteEvents (Learning)
And other stuff and basics.


I can build a lot of things. I’m always trying to find ways to create what I want, but I’m not working with Blender. Because I’m still learning with It. Links you may find in links.


From which to which


I don’t make high quality UIs, but I can script them.

I now only accept Robux.
Half of a payment at start. Second half of payment at the end. If you won’t comply then I’m dropping that job.


This is about how hard It is and how long will It take. How much of It you need too.
From 300 Robux > 1500 Robux. May cost more If It is hard to do.


For each build. How long will It take and how hard It will be.
From 300 Robux > 2500 Robux. May cost more If It is hard to do.


If It’s translation of game then from 250 Robux > 1250 Robux.
If It’s short translation of 100 or less words then 10 Robux each word.


My design of UI is not best, but I can script It.
If you got UI ready and only need to be scripted then from 300 Robux > 1500 Robux.
If you need UI and script It then from 450 Robux > 1700 Robux.
If you need UI then from 250 Robux > 1500 Robux.
Sizing UIs so they fit on all devices. From 50 Robux > 550 Robux. Price is different. How many UIs have to be resized so they fit.
All UIs will fit on all devices.

Photo Galery



Games that I contribute to

Vac Gen Technologies: Science and Research Facility - Roblox

Games I created (Discontinued)

Trustie Bank Inc.: Trustie Bank - Roblox
Reactor Core Pre-Alpha: Reactor Core - Pre-Alpha - Roblox
Trustie Oil Platform: Trustie Oil Platform - Roblox

My Testing places

Testing: Testing - Roblox
Test of Reactor: Test of Reactor - Roblox

Games I'm working on currently

Trustie Power Research Institute: Trustie Power Research Institute - Roblox

Contact Details
Discord: MR.A#9010
Roblox: (Messages are opened, but low chance I will respond)
This post. Just respond to It and tell me what you need. After that I will get in touch with you.

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