Booboo Cafe | Using the POS system

Booboo Cafe - Using the POS System
This guide is to assist you with our POS system at our cafe.
Please note that this POS system was not made by Booboo Cafe and was purchased from a development group.

Important Notes
  • When you first join, you will get a card in your tools called “LR Card”. This is the card to login to the POS system.
  • If you join a new server, the POS system takes a minute to load in. It may still be loading in when you join!
Logging in

To login, first go to an open register. Just use the “LR Card” in your inventory and put in near the register. It will scan it and it will then show another screen called “Loading Data”. Just wait a few seconds and it should direct you to the main page.

Actually using it!

Once the customer gives you their order, you can go up to the kitchen to get their order. Then when you come back to the register, equip the item(s) and simply put it on the register (like when you logged in). It should register it and put it on the register. Then, when you have scanned all of it, click “complete order”. It will then await the customers card to be used. Direct them to click on the card reader. Once the customer does this, the screen will return to the main screen.

If you need assistance

If you need assistance at any time, simply click on the “Call HR” button on the main screen. It will alert an HR to your POS to assist you! Please do not abuse this or use it to get HRs to order from you, please!

Helpful information

When you need to log out, click on the door with an arrow on the side of the main screen. It will log you out! (It will also log you out when you leave the game automatically).

If a customer leaves while you are scanning the order (annoying, right), or you just need to clear something, click on the “Clear Order Button”. It will clear the order from the system!

Please do not “Restart the system” unless absolutely necessary. Abuse will result in a demotion.

To add on, any abuse of the register (systems) will result in punishment. (Depends on severity).

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