BOSS Npc System [2.5k / Work]

About the work

the job is to make an Npc as if it were an enemy (Boss) this includes scripts for movement, appearance, animation.
i wanted an npc that if the player is too far away he will return to his original position, attack the player with basic punch animation.
This work will be long term (When I need it I will call)

  • Create the Npc based on the details of an anime character (One Punch man).
  • Make the movement script and return to the base position.
  • Make movement and punch animation.

I want that I have at least a variable of damage and the “area” that the npc can move to attack the player.


I will pay 2,500 robux per Npc (group funds)


you can be in contact with me through Discord: VitorGamer#1667

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