Bot that uploads and replaces off-site embedded images messes up syntax

I noticed the bot did this to one of my posts after editing it:
<img src=>

Notice the width=300> at the bottom. The original syntax was something like:

<img src= width=300>

but the bot turned it into this:
<img src=>

Lemme see

<img src= width=300>

Can’t seem to get this to happen… anything missing?

Can you reply with your previous post’s source syntax?

Edit: also, it looks like your post hasn’t been edited by the bot yet – no edit symbol next to your post.

Okay I think I figured this out. If you didn’t put quotations around the URL in the img tag, then it will mess up (just like in the second embed in the picture)

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Aha – the bot did it. Look at your second image. It looks like it only does it when you don’t enclose the image in quotes – guess we’ll have to do that.


Uh… Please put both the URL and width in quotes. It shouldn’t actually work otherwise. Because it’s invalid. (But, sure, some browsers expect invalid markup and “fix” it…)