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Welcome to the Botega handbook! This was created by our Presidential and Corporate team, with the goal to ensure a complete understanding of our company policies. Questions should be forwarded to a corporate member, depending on the inquiry. By sharing how we operate, we hope to shed light on some of our rules and regulations for our community to generate a complete understanding.



@clevastra - Executive President
@samvastra - Executive Vice President

Handbook Sections :books:

:hammer:Moderation Links:

Code of Conduct

Appeal Information

:handshake: Affiliation Information:

Affiliate Requirements and Expectations

Partnership Application

Affiliate FAQ

:briefcase: Staff Information:

Staff Conduct

Rank Descriptions

Senior Barista Promotion Guide

We hope that by providing our community with direct access to how we operate, our brand may operate to its fullest potential. Thanks for reading and familiarzing yourself with our company policies. Any questions can be directed to a corporate member.

Approved by the Botega Presidential Team; 7/28/2020

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