Bounce Pad Troubles

I know this is such a simple task but I can’t figure out how to make it smooth. I want to make it so when you or a block touches this bounce pad, it will bounce you, as if you were just changing your HRP velocity. I’ve tried just changing the velocity of the HRP but it doesn’t make you bounce. I also know you can change the velocity of the bounce pad to add a bounce effect, but i hate how inconsistent the bounces are. I also want to be able to use CFrame to make it so if the bounce pad is rotated it will bounce you in that direction.

Side note: when i make a clone of this bounce pad from replicated storage, the onTouched function is never called. help on that issue would be appreciated too

While I do not know much about bounce pads or player launching with smooth consistency. For your script error I recommend disabling the script in it then enabling it after it’s cloned.

I tried that, and it is still not firing.

Hmm, strange my last recommendation is to clone the script into the model after it’s been cloned.

Still doesn’t work, I’m probably going to just not clone the script and make a touched function in the script where i cloned it.
Does this cause the game to lag more over time the more times it gets assigned to blocks, even if you delete the blocks after?
this terrible logic comes from how the fact that you can delete a script but you can’t ever delete a function, so would it still wait for an onTouch if the block doesn’t exist anymore?

It shouldn’t, you just got to make sure to set the variable for the specific block and change the variable to which ever block u want it to run for.

Not cloning the script, and making the touched function in the already existing script that cloned the part made the cloning work. It also somehow fixed the other problem and it made it where changing the velocity of the parts will shoot them now.