Box over character tool

How would i make it so when I hover over someone with this tool i have a box comes around them and only the person with the tool can see it . I already have the box model and im new to scripting so i dont know how to do much.

Hmm, another script request.

If you only want a single person to see something I would use a LocalScript to place that model. Using LocalScript only make changes on the client rather then the server.

You would also need a mouse movement event to see what the mouse is seeing. To identify your character.

Once you find a character I would have a variable that tells me this so there won’t be infinite amount of boxes every time I move my cursor onto that character.

Could you help me make it so it would print when i move my mouse over their humanoid root part?

Look at this. It may help. Click here

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I look over what KungFuPanda posted and try to come up with something. If you are still having issues I will help.

Now to make sure your mouse.Target is over a character (instead of a singular part), I would use an if statemet to check to see if that character model contains a Humanoid

Ex: if mouse.Target:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then (YOUR CODE HERE) end

I would also place more if condition for fail proof. But I’ll let you learn and figure those things out.