BR Studios is hiring a PET MODELLER + BUILDER

About us

Hey there, we are BR Studios, a very new, yet dedicated development group! We are currently planning to make a new, Open World MMORPG game, Infernus Island (name will be changed). We need a modeller who is capable of making mounts, like Wolves for example. And a builder to build it!

Game Information:

The game goes as followed:

  • Open World MMORPG , including AI’s like Beetles, and such, are living on this magical land called Infernus Island. You are here to gather things, survive the wilderness and have fun! Chat and trade with merchants, play with your pets, fight monsters and become a true hero!!

The job:

Builder: Make a variety of things, like rafts, pillars, shops etc…
The game needs AI’s and Mounts (AI’s: Giant Beetles, Bears etc… Mounts: Wolves, Bears, etc…)
They will be animated by our animator.
They shouldn’t be too hard if you know what you are doing, and there will be a due date for all of them. Due dates can be negotiated and are flexible, depending on the difficulty.


As of now, no funds are available. The payment is 20% of income, but will be changed when we start earning money (We have a marketer who will secure players and an audience) Builders will receive 30% of income.


If you are interested, please contact one of these:

  • Discord: Crrustyy#0447
  • Developer Forum: @Crrustyy
  • Twitter: @TaylorOnShow

You must be 15 years or older; have a portfolio ready and why you want to work with us

Many thanks for reading!!
Any questions? Let me know!


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