Breakdown System Setup Guide

Breakdown System Setup Guide

**Notes: Requires Model(Available for Purchase), also recommended you read the information guide.

Before you do anything, make sure HTTP requests are enabled!

Enabling HTTP Requests

Go to ‘Game Settings’ and then the security tab and enable HTTP Requests.

Then click save to apply your changes.

How to setup the Breakdown System

Once you have your model, you want to make sure its still in the folder named ‘Breakdown’ put it right under the bus model.



Now, go inside and go to the script that says License/Terms. Make sure you have the correct group/username stated and the correct License Number. If you believe you have any incorrect information, Message me for any questions/concerns.

Example License

Configuring the Settings

At first, it will look very confusing, dont worry, this guide will explain what each thing does. Start by opening the module script(the one with the brick next to it) named BreakdownSetup. It should look something like this.

Setup Script

Main Directories

As shown in the image, there are currently 3 parts to the Main Directory Area.

Main Directories

By default, this should be correct, but if it is not correct type in ‘script.Parent.Parent’ and then also put ‘.Parent’ with another dot. Start typing the model name and see if it shows up, if it does, remove the last .Parent so it should be ‘script.Parent.Parent’. If not, continue adding ‘.Parent’ and type the model name. Keep repeating that process until you can reach the model name and then remove 1 of the ‘.Parent’'s.

The other 2 main directories should be correct since they are based off the first main directory, but if it doesn’t work you can still try the same method.


The timings are really simple! They should look something like this.


There are 5 timings you can configure:

  • Activation
  • Red Warning
  • Smoking
  • Engine Fire
  • Explosion
    • Can be turned off

Set this to the number of seconds/minutes you want it to be. For example, we have it set by default to 25 minutes, so we put 1500 seconds. You can put it to however many seconds you want.

Red Warning
This is the similar procedure for Activation, though we recommend it is around 5-10 minutes, our default is 300 seconds or 5 minutes.

Repeat the same process as been given above. Recommended to be about 3-5 minutes. Our default is 3 minutes.

Engine Fire
Repeat the same process as been given above. Recommended to be about 2-4.5 minutes. Our default is 2 minutes.

Explosion [PRO]
Because it will lag a bit on your game depending upon what the situation is, where you are, and the part counts, we recommend this to be turned off. We would recommend you give it about 3 or 4 minutes if you choose to enable this option, otherwise keep the value set to 'false’


These are simple to setup! Just use the Light Main Directory set earlier and then go and find the directories of the lights! Having 1-6 lights are available for Regular License. Having 7-10 lights are a Pro feature.




Similar to lights, for each item find the directory of which the item is in, there are no specific directories it would be in, usually though, it would just be in Body. The system comes originally with 3 compartments to have, for free, you can put 3 more for a total of 6 by requesting it if you have the Pro License


If this product is leaked, stolen or redistributed in any way, shape or form without consent from the developer the original owner will be subject to having their license revoked if it inst resolved but most likely to be given a new license. The creator is as well allowed to revoke/void/modify their license at any point. If you think it was done unfairly, contact me. By owning this license, you agree to the terms and conditions. If you are caught you will be blacklisted from buying and having it, and so will your associated groups, you as well will be punished.