Brick Built - Glock 17

Just a glock for my game that I made. Took 10-30 minutes. Any suggestions for improvement?


I suggest adding more of a description to your post and not just the name of the part displayed in the attached image. Maybe consider adding how long it took, what it’s for, what type of feedback you’re looking for, etc.

Feedback wise, it just looks like a normal gun you would see in a gun-type game. Nothing too special and nothing bad about it.

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I’ll do that, sorry.
It’s my first time on the devforum.

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Looks ok for 30 minutes. I have one question tho, is it made in blender or is it made in roblox studio?
Because if it is made in blender, I recommend beveling the gun so it looks smoother.

The gun is ok for 30 minutes.

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It was made in Roblox Studio using the default tools.

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That is fine. But next time you are gonna make guns, I HIGHLY recommend using blender or any 3d modelling software. Watching tutorials on youtube is also good. Here is a tutorial;

If you are new to blender, download the old version (2.7) so you can follow the tutorial without confusions because the new version is like a revamped version.

Have a great day!