Brick built gun falls apart when i play the game

hi, i want to make a gun tool with a unique design, i made it with parts instead of using a mesh.
The issue i have is that it falls apart when i play the game and i can’t pick it up

thank you.

You should use Welds or preferably WeldConstraints to hold unanchored parts together.

right, where do i put the welds or weldconstraints?

Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s top-level parent is the workspace. It is often best to parent it under one of the parts you’re trying to weld.

I usually parent it to Part0.

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ok, i have tried it and it kinda works.

everything else just falls apart.

make sure you make your tools unanchored and collisions off. Select every part of your tool and in studio there is a button to weld everything together.

You can drop down the menu and select, ‘Weld’.

the gun finally stick together but however when i picked it up, it isnt holding it by the grip

Does your gun have a part named ‘Handle’? If not, then add one to the grip. You may need to rotate it if your gun isn’t facing the right way. If your gun does have a handle, make sure you welded all of your parts to Handle, not to each other. Also make sure you capitalized the ‘H’ in Handle.

all of the parts in the tool are named handle

You are supposed to only have one part named ‘Handle’… Name the pistol grip ‘Handle’ and everything else whatever you want besides ‘Handle’.

That’s a lot of handles, how is it gonna know what to put in ur hand

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You have to weld every single part together. It’s annoying but it works.

thank you. it finally works. despite the wonky position.

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