Brick Properties Copy and Paste

Made a really simple plugin that allows you to copy and paste few of the appearance properties of the base part (Color, Material, Transparency, and Reflectance. The plugin also includes a widget that allows you to enable or disable which property you want to copy and paste.

How to use
You need to first enable the hotkeys of the plugin

  • Shift+C: Copy all properties of Selection
  • Shift+V: Paste copied properties of Selection
  • Shift+X: Set Brick Color to Default
  • Shift+Z: Clear copied property values

You can modify the actions by pressing the following keys simultaneously.
B: Apply to BrickColor
T: Apply to Transparency
M: Apply to Materials
R: Apply to Reflectance
G: Apply to descendants of selections, used when you want to change the property of an entire model.


Download it here