Bright Futuristic Hallway!

Building Feedback!

Ok, so I was extremely bored today… I got an idea in my head to see what I can do in my building, so I went looking for some ideas. I found an image that was kinda nice, so I wanted to recreate it.

Here are the images

So after an hour or two, I think I got my final result. I’m aware that it isn’t looking exactly the same, but that is to avoid copyright reasons. Also advice would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Loaf :slight_smile:


It looks pretty cool, maybe not as close as I originally thought, but very nice!

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I think that you should add in a bloom effect and decrease the bloom a little bit more, then that would look cool.

It looks great, though!

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Ok, i’ll try this and keep you updated!

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Okay, so I may have done it, is this good or lower it more?

That looks nice! Maybe just a liiiiiiitle more…

Would this be better or does it look the same…? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


That looks nice, it looks bright but not TOO bright.

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Nice Recreation, although you might want to make the ceiling look more like… a ceiling, since at the moment it just looks like scaffolding.

Also the bloom is just:


You could try switching up the material of the neon part to a smooth part. To light up the hallway, use invisible parts and add point light to it. Switch the lighting to future and add some light effects which makes it stand out more.

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Looking good. Shapes resemble the reference image really well!

Personally I’d have a little go at focusing more on the reflection rather than glow, as I think it would really bring out the nice soft glow without blinding everyone with boom NEON. :boom:

I’d also have a go at changing the lighting to future. This will let light fall more naturally and add more depth and overall character to the effect!

Great job man, keep it up! :raised_hands:

Try making the floor a bit transparent, then duplicate the build and put it under the floor for Reflections.

Use FIB3 for lighting and add lights around the map

Use PBR Textures or the default metal material for the walls

I agree! The neon lighting on the floor is WAYY to thick compared to the picture, make the tiles smaller so for the neon. Also add neon to the walls as seen in the image. I hope this helps!

WOW, that is bright. I think you put a little too much neon, only the beams have neon and not the walls. And you have too many tiles on the ground, so maybe just reduce the tiles and make the space between them smaller.

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