Bring back regular holiday Roblox Avatar Shop sales

[ intended for #feature-requests:website-features ]

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to enjoy my experience on Roblox without having those classic catalog/avatar shop sales every holiday. As both a developer and a regular user on the platform, it was one of the things I used to look forward to every President’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, etc

Though I understand that UGC is basically all over the platform nowadays I feel as if only relying on developers to make everything in the catalog is a bit unfair and unexciting.

Why? Because first of all, since UGC is limited to a small group of UGC creators, I find it unfair to others who want to upload items - yeah sure, it’s to prevent people from republishing but at the same time it’s overall just an unfair process to be accepted. We non-UGC creators are there to fund them while we are just left in the dust. Second, it’s unexciting in a way because of how many UGC creators just like to reupload the same mesh but with a different texture

Roblox items are iconic. Roblox-created and owned items are what make the catalog exciting because they are highly wanted and coveted items by basically everyone on the platform. Some examples of these items are

  • Workclock Series
  • Antlers
  • Bighead/BiggerHead

etc. Hopefully you can see where I’m going here; many Limited versions of these items are most likely expensive, which is why I look forward to these sales to purchase these

The last official sale was Black Friday 2019; it’s been over a year.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience on the Roblox platform because I would be able to buy items like I used to when Roblox did host sales. I really hope Roblox addresses this issue

P.S. I am not saying UGC is terrible, I just think continuing hosting these sales even with UGC will not only benefit us as Roblox users but also UGC (because during sales they will most likely also be having little sales as well, and these events would shine light upon them)