Bring RDC EU Back (A Viewing Party Review)

This year, I attended the RDC London Viewing Party. I was unable to travel to San Francisco for the main conference, so I thought it would be better than just sitting at home watching although it was only a viewing party and not a proper RDC. This is my review of the event, and at the end will be a final conclusion and thoughts on how to improve for next year. European developers are encouraged to share their views below.

This year’s RDC EU offerings were met with disappointment and criticism from the start by many EU developers - and for good reason. However, with myself being lucky living an hour from London on the train, I felt it was still an opportunity not to be missed, as, if anything, I’d be able to meet with local Roblox developers and staff.

Hosted at 30 Euston Square, the home of the Royal College of General Practitioners, the location was ideal for Developers arriving from Euston Station and King’s Cross St Pancras. I got there first, so check-in was a breeze (however, many developers were held up in long queues to get in) and soon enough I was inside, beginning the Ice Breaker Event. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough people in order to obtain all of the pieces, which meant that for some time, we were unable to win the virtual prize. However, event staff later fixed up the game to award the commando to those with all but one piece. (thanks Brad!)

woot3 telling us the secret to get 999,999,999 Robux :wink: // Ice breaker in full swing

Soon after the Ice Breaker, it was time to assemble in the main room to watch the Live Stream from San Francisco. Tami Bhaumik (VP of Marketing & Digital Civility) dialed into the live-cast from the London event. Apart from when it cut out at one point, and later began buffering (hey, it’s live), all went smoothly!

After the presentations ended, and whilst the US attendees were watching their Breakout Sessions, we got two presentations from Claus Moberg and Nathan Griffin (nsgriff) on internalization and Studio. As the keynotes had run over schedule, these presentations were delayed, which began to eat into party time at the end. This was unfortunate for those who like me, who were unable to take up the late Hotel offer and had to leave early.

Once the party started, we were offered a wide array of delicious food, soft drinks and candy. The only issue I had here was that the music was really loud, making it hard to hear or chat with others. I understand it was meant to be a party, but having the DJ in the same room as where the food was didn’t really make sense.

Then it was time for the raffle. The tickets earned via the Ice Breaker were ready, and so were we. Prizes up for grabs included quality Bose headphones, a keyboard, exclusive Roblox toys, and the limited edition Bloxopoly game, which @Webmotion and I both won! The grand prize was an “all-expenses-paid” package for next year’s Europe RDC. If there’s any positive to take away from the low turnout, it was that there was a better chance of winning a prize.

Overall, the event was good, but nowhere near as good as last year’s full RDC in Amsterdam and 2017’s London RDC. I enjoyed meeting other developers and hanging out, however, I felt that the event was way too short, just over 6 hours is nowhere near long enough. I asked a security guard how many attended in total, who told me around 60 people. (including chaperones). This was really disappointing compared to last year’s RDC in Amsterdam, which brought together over 200 developers. This year’s RDC Viewing Party was not worth it or justifiable for many devs from across the continent, which prevented them from attending.

At the event, I was approached by a Roblox staff member who had viewed my previous post where I shared mine and the European community’s views on the event. It was clear that they hear us and want more feedback to shape future European RDC events. I hope Roblox can take on board this feedback and bring back the old RDC format for 2020.

RDC Europe Improvements

  • Make the event longer and return to the old format over a weekend. Even a day-long viewing party would not be long enough nor justifiable for developers from across the continent to travel to, let alone a 6 hour one. RDC needs to span over a weekend, like the previous format. For many, the time it would take to travel to RDC would be near to or longer than the event itself.

  • Announce RDC earlier. This year, the RDC announcement was late (middle of March compared to February), invite information came out late (beginning of May compared to April) and the UK hotel block was announced just a month before the viewing party was supposed to begin - after most attendees had already purchased transport and other hotels. All of these delays are not helpful for attendees who want to book hotels/transport in advance - especially for RDC US attendees traveling from outside America, as plane fares and hotel costs can get very expensive.

  • Be more transparent and communicative with the wave ticketing system. We’ve all seen the posts of worried devs thinking they’re not going to be able to come after Wave 1 goes out. Developers were kept in the dark, unknown of which wave they would be in, or when the next wave of invites would be sent out. Roblox should notify developers of which wave they’re in from the start, or tell us exactly when each wave will be released, so that we don’t have to constantly be checking our emails. This would make the invite system much easier and less stressful for developers.

  • Don’t run RDC EU and RDC US at the same time - Although the viewing party was said to be better as it wouldn’t involve repeated content, this means that less staff are able to travel over to RDC EU, and there would be less of a focus on the event. Alternative content can be shown, or different aspects of the event can be changed to allow for more social interaction & learning, for example Q&A sessions. This also means that attendees can’t be in both places at the same time.

To conclude, I must say - I had fun at the viewing party. It was nice to catch up with some of my dev friends, but to also meet some new faces. However, it’s unfortunate that the turnout was so low, because of the number of developers that felt that this event was not worth it. I still agree, this event would not have been worth travelling to for developers across the UK and from other European countries. The cost of travel and accommodation for the short event duration just do not make sense. I had to leave 15 minutes early, but still, I was struggling for time to meet people and take part in all the fun activites going on during the event. Next year, I’d like to see a return of a weekend-long RDC so that I can connect and have fun with even more developers from across the continent.

Roblox, take a look at what a success RDC 2018 Amsterdam was with nearly 4x attendees - and replicate it for 2020.

^ Pictured above: 200+ attendees at RDC Amsterdam, August 2018

Pros: :shallow_pan_of_food: Good food, :ping_pong: ping pong table, :ice_cube: ice breaker raffle, :tshirt: merch, :classical_building: central location

Cons: :clock10: Event duration, low turnout, late announcements / lack of communication, not enough time to socialise / party

More photos (sources below)

Here’s @Asleum firing shots quicker than the speed of sound.

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@railworks2, Roblox,@NicholasDev


Had a lot of fun at RDC EU this year, even if it was just a viewing party.


I have to agree with @Alvin_Blox having a proper RDC next year would be awesome! I’m from France, Paris and I couldn’t make it this year because the last Eurostar was at 8 PM, and spending €100+ just to stay 4 hours at the actual event was not worth at all. I didn’t want to spend too much on the hotel + the prices in the center of London are :sob:. If only the reduced hotels costs were announced from the beginning it would have helped alot of us. I could have shared a room with another developer to reduce the cost (it would have been around €33 for each). In my case when I have the possibility to spend my money on something useful (driving license) I prefer doing that than spending it on a 4 hours viewing party.

I hope that my response is taken in consideration to help you improve next year RDC.


I feel like the viewing party concept’s main flaw is that it has to occur at the same time as RDC US, which means that obviously many developers cannot be at both, which was commonplace in previous years as it essentially means double the networking for the “super troopers” along with boosting numbers at both events. Also, during a show of hands there were only ~5 people who flew in from other countries, a much lower number than the 2 last events in Europe.

While I do see the issue of RDC EU being essentially a second showing & thus the talks being much less relevant, I would like to see a full European event in the future, perhaps a few months before/after RDC US to allow for different content to be shown.

Also bloxy cola for eu next time pls


Yes, hi. Many of you may already have seen me lurking around the RDC related threads here on the forum. But why may you ask? Well, last year I attended RDC EU, the best experience in my life. But stuff changed this year. RDC annoucement was late- and RDC EU became a viewing party. I’m not a front page developer and there’s no way I can fly all the way to London just to view a live stream, which I could view home for free. Had it been a full RDC I’d go again, but it wasn’t. What did Roblox expect to be fair? It wasn’t even a hotel available until a month prior, and then flight tickets costs a lot, like A LOT. RDC EU last year was a success without a doubt, staff liked the city, developers were happy, people made contacts and enjoyed the whole conference. It was a great kick-start for my school year, which started one day after the end of RDC (what a great timing). I hope Roblox understands that if they want Roblox to be global then making a viewing party only available for people who actually live close to the city is not the smartest idea. Hopefully Roblox learns and brings a proper RDC EU next year, and hopefully they reinvite the people who went to RDC 18 but not 19 due these complications.

P.S: Welcome to the Bloxopoly gang @Alvin_Blox!


I definitely agree with Alvin too here.
I decided not to invest any time or money to go to a viewing party because surprisingly the most important things were streamed online freely anyway.

Putting down about €200 - €300 for a one-day trip to London to watch something I could do at home wasn’t fair in my opinion. Despite I could’ve met (new) friends, it wouldn’t make the trip worthwhile because it’s a similar concept to being in a cinema: the reason you’re there is to watch something …

Last year’s RDC EU (2018) was amazing. Lots of fun, lots of people to meet. (Let’s not forget the food!) I honestly don’t understand why it was decided to not do one this year.

Edit: I believe it was said that ‘developers should try and engage in hosting their own events / meetups’ which is what I started doing with a few developers from the Netherlands. (Everyone is welcome of course, but I don’t want to grow too much just yet because I fear things may escelate)

At the same time, I think that there’s a big difference between meeting a few friends compared to an official RDC. Obviously, an official RDC is even more fun to attend because there’s (most likely) more people, Roblox staff to meet & question, food and space is taken care of…

I’d really want to host RDCs myself, but I’d need a budget, I’d need space, I’d need food and other base requirements. All of these things are lacking. Unless Roblox releases the tools for meetups, I’d need to keep the meetups small to prevent potential issues because I simply don’t have the resources & tools to keep things safe.


would be cool if it was London again next year which is the rumour but yeah I agree; I didn’t go mainly due to the time of the invites and the actual event only being a viewing party which didn’t justify me going. like I said would cool if next year was an actual RDC like in SF in London.


I agree with all of the points Alvin has stated here. Especially the fact that it was only a ~6 hour event. For most non-UK based Europeans who didn’t book a hotel, this was a big turn off. I have some friends who went that aren’t from the UK. But they booked a hotel for the weekend and are going around London a bit before heading back home.

Another thing that discouraged me personally was that we had no clue which Roblox staff were going to be at this event. Due to my status and “success” as a developer, I feel it was not worth it me coming (I had booked, but something came up on the Friday). I heard from friends that there were only 2-3 noteworthy developers who attended (30m+ visits).

Personally, to make the RDC EU experience longer, you could just have “game nights/days” with people and have competitions based around certain games irl and on Roblox.

Other than that, it looked like a great event with lots of food!

What I would hope to see next year for an RDC EU is:

  • Early announced hotel discount (if there is one)
  • List of staff attending
  • Have a longer event

While this year’s RDC Viewing Party was of course on the low-attendance side of things -

It was really fun! Especially since a lot of us (including me) were there for the first time experiencing RDC.

While I understand the demand for RDC EU, I believe they should also continue to do these viewing party for people who have never been to an RDC before, it’s great for us to get into the swing of meeting fellow developers for the first time before a full RDC.

Off-note: Hey look, it’s me!


I totally support RDC EU coming back in full. I’d only just got back into developing games last time so I didn’t get invited, and this year I couldn’t make San Francisco but would definitely have gone to an EU one if it was available. I didn’t go to the London viewing party because it was going to be really awkward for the day with no official hotel offering originally and it only being one day.

The Amsterdam one shows how there’s plenty of devs from Europe who want to attend an event like this. It doesn’t need to be the same weekend as US RDC, if it’s a problem of logistics, but fairly close together would be good.


I had a blast attending RDC EU in 2017 and 2018 along with the US events. Especially in 2018, I got the opportunity to do an awesome monetization panel with Simbuilder and I really appreciated getting two whole weekends to meet with devs and staff instead of just one. Really hope they bring back RDC EU next year.


I have to agree. I really enjoyed networking with other developers at the viewing party however I feel the event was far too short. I think it would be highly appreciated by many developers if the format was reverted to how it was for RDC EU 2017 & 2018.

Don’t get me wrong, I still had lots of fun at this years event and I’m glad I decided to purchase tickets in the end.


This was my first RDC US and I can happily say that RDC UK 2019 looks all in all, trash. A gigantic step down from the past two European ones. I wanted to go to RDC US moreso because I knew that the viewing party would not be enjoyable, rather than wanting to go to a US one this year.

Roblox, please don’t do a viewing party again for the sake of your massive European audience. It feels like a kick in the face and that we arent as valid as the American audience. You nailed the past 2 European RDCs, so itd be absolutely amazing seeing a return of them!


RDC Amsterdam was the first RDC i attended.
And it was in my home country, I met amazing people like @Alvin_Blox a good friend of mine and @berezaa a person that i admire.
Sadly i coudent make it to RDC US 19 because of some family issues and i thought the viewing party woudent do it for me to make a trip to the united kingdom.
I would love to see the return of RDC EU.
Just to show that Roblox cares about his EU Developer’s not only thier US Developer’s because most people dont have the Money or time to go in a 10 Hour Plane for 3 days and then head back 10 hours in a plane.

For those that went to RDC I hope you had fun! i will surly try to go next year!


I completely support this, RDC 2017 London was amazing and hopefully we can have the same occur next year! I, for one, was definitely shocked when it got announced it was only a viewing party.


Additionally to OP, the Developers who were invited to RDC were completely unclear if they were getting invited or not and many of my friends who have been working alongside me for many years who are as skilled if not more than myself didn’t receive an invite at all, I did reach out to Developer Relations through the Developer Forum to ask if my long-time friend @Dravespear who has been building for over 4 years could attend with me, even after he applied for the final wave he wasn’t invited which completely ruined my plans (I planned to attend RDC US with Drave and fly over together, spending the time together there).


  • Without a clear understanding of who can and cannot attend (make RDC invite guidelines, Roblox!) I was left in the dark about if and when my friends would get invited
  • Without an actual RDC Europe 2019 I would’ve been forced to spent an estimated £1,500-£2,000 to fly over there and back, pay for travel, food and living expenses to attend the United States RDC. As an upcoming University Student who relies on Roblox for income (my own choice) I do not make enough money to justify spending many months income to attend a 3 day event. Europe RDC is a must, it’s not even something that should be questioned, make it happen like the previous two years!
  • One additional thing I wanted to also write about is that with UK leaving the Europian Union it’s incredibly unclear how easy it will be to attend future RDC’s, we may need to apply for special permits or passports to travel to these countries which themselves could take months to get, we need more notice for changes so developers can plan their schedules way ahead of time instead of a few weeks ahead of time.

I agree,

Although it would have been nice to meet developers in EU
I think it is a shame that it is just a viewing party and not a proper 3 day RDC

Lots of developers from EU cant afford to go to the US for a proper RDC ( 1,000+ euro )
I would have loved to go to the meeting but I was kind of disappointed that it was not the 3 day event.

RDC EU 2018 was amazing ( Probably one of the best weekend of the year! )
Hopefully 2020 can be the same!

Its clear that multiple devs from all around the world want the regular RDC EU to come back so hopefully Roblox take it into consideration.


100% agree with this post! A large part of RDC for me is networking with other devs and being able to chat to Roblox staff. Although I really enjoyed the viewing party from this aspect, the attendance was understandably a lot lower, due to a lot of people going to RDC US or not bothering for a viewing party. It was also extremely short which meant there wasn’t that much time to properly chat with many people, even if there were only ~60 attendees in total.

RDC EU 2017/2018 were both amazing with a lot more developers attending due to them being at separate times from the US RDC, and being much longer than the viewing party. Having them over a few days makes it so much more worth it to travel to and reduces the average travel cost per day which I know is a big problem (Especially for people travelling on Eurostar/expensive flights who didn’t want to this time for ~6 hours).

At the same time, I do understand that it is costly and logistically difficult for Roblox to host RDC’s in Europe but developers only leave more motivated, with more connections, ready to develop and ultimately bring more players and revenue to the platform!

Roblox; as you focus more on ‘world domination’ and localisation it’s very important that you don’t forget devs who aren’t based in the US! :+1:


I went to the 2018 RDC in Amsterdam, that was one of the best experiences of my life. Meeting new people, going to the talks and improving my skills. This year wasn’t as good as there was only 1 in San Francisco and not 1 in Europe. The alternative of the Watchparty as much as I see it as a good alternative and way to keep European Developers happy, I do slightly see as an insult as even though I know a majority of developers are in the US and Roblox’s HQ is situated there, basically giving European developers a disadvantage doesn’t help.
Roblox wants to expand and without full live conferences around the world near developer hotspots I cannot see how this will be a possibility as not everyone can afford / get to San Francisco. I would’ve seen Amsterdam a success as loads of developers came and went without a hitch. This year seemed badly run with late invites, hotels released late and low attendance. If you want to inspire European developers you have to give them the resources close to them. I have improved loads since RDC 18 in Amsterdam mainly from the GameJam and talks but this year you couldn’t participate in the GameJam in the WatchParty or listen to all the talks as they were later that day and would have resulted in the UK conference going on all night.
In my opinion I believe a Developers Conference would be beneficial. Though it may result in a loss for Roblox in the short term due to hosting the event, at least one developer will be inspired and make a great game which makes lots of Robux and increases the player count basically paying for the conference in the Long Term. I have learnt loads because of RDC 2018 so I cannot see why others wouldn’t either or even more. If a conference isn’t viable at least subsidies the flights for European attendees as we cannot all afford flights. For example during the first wave flights for 1 person was around 800 from London and when I looked during the invite wave it was about 1600. People can not afford it easily. Some can but Roblox shouldn’t be for the mega rich but for everyone.
I hope to see some of you at RDC 2020 EU or maybe possibly San Francisco if I can afford.


I believe that if they wanted to scale the RDC viewings to more than just London, they shouldn’t have made it a viewing party.
We are all developers here, makers of the Roblox platform. We are not an audience looking to be entertained by what’s on screen.
The focus should have been interaction between developers. Make it a networking event, not a live screening.

I loved the cameo moment though (thanks Tami!).

The event was very short lived, and I know Roblox can do much better than this. Poor organization can be corrected, and I’m sure it will be better next year.

Here’s to a good RDC (or what it may be called) in 2020! :grin: